Hello! My name is Ryan Drew. I am just beginning to find self-expression as a watercolor artist. For ten years, I have put all my creative resources into the field of architecture, but for the past few years I have been experimenting as a water color artist. I began with the development of simple watercolor paintings, and was able to quickly transition to more advanced techniques, including wet-in-wet, masking, salt, blooms, and backruns. I’m finding the change exhilarating and the avenues boundless. As a beginning watercolor artist, I’m still exploring style, genre, and medium; water media has my attention for now. I primarily focus on nature scenes because I want to use my artistic ability to share the beauty of the Northwest United States with the world. I love the drama of light and shadow, and the energy and immediacy that watercolor painting provides. My portfolio is small but growing steadily as I continue to explore my environment and my further develop my watercolor techniques. Please click here to be informed about new watercolor paintings as well as updates on the world of watercolor art.

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